• We will ensure that all Directors and associates adopt Corporate Social Responsibility considerations into their daily activities, with respect to
    • Socially responsible, ethical business
    • Protection of the environment
    • Protection and safety of people and support of their human rights
    • Engagement, support and respect for local communities and cultures
  • We will develop and maintain open communications with customers, associates and partners and create an open environment to address comments and concerns.
  • We will ensure all Directors, associates and employees are treated fairly and without discrimination, and we will embrace diversity within the workplace. We will create an environment in which all employees can fulfil their potential within Stephanie Elsy Associates.




  • We will maintain the highest possible standards of integrity and excellence in our daily operations, conducting our business in an open, honest and ethical manner.
  • Our Corporate Social Responsibility statements will be incorporated into all current and future business activities and decision making.
  • Our Directors and associates will act as role models and will lead by example to ensure our organisational structure creates an environment to implement, monitor and improve our Corporate Social Responsibility and performance.




  • We will endeavour to minimise the environmental impact of our business and recognise that environmental responsibility is critical to the sustainability of our business and the environment. We will endeavour to ensure our impact on the environment is reduced in order to mitigate climate change.
  • We will reduce the overall amount of resources we use and aim for a paper-free office culture, reducing the amount of hard copy, letters and correspondence in favour of electronic mechanisms.
  • We will consider environmental criteria when choosing all services and goods.