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Bridging the gap between the corporate market place and the public sector

Client: Tunstall Published: May 2016

Health, housing and social care providers are under ever-increasing pressure as demand increases and budgets decrease. As a result, providers are seeking new and more sustainable means of delivering services, with a focus on providing care in the community.

Tunstall Healthcare deliver pioneering technology-enabled care services that transform the experience of individuals and professionals to deliver truly connected care and health. Through innovation of both products and services, Tunstall Healthcare embrace new models of care which support older people and those with long-term needs, in turn improving care outcomes and achieving better use of resources.

The Challenge

In order to grow their UK business further, Tunstall wanted help to understand how best to present their services to their public sector customers in order to assist them in introducing technology enabled services.

What we did

With our experience in the public and health care sector, we were expertly placed to share our knowledge and experience of the health and social care sector with the Tunstall leadership team. We offered coaching and training to their team so they could develop an approach that would build a strong trusted relationship with their government customer. We also facilitated a high level stakeholder engagement programme, including events, and produced thought leadership documents such as the joint report with the Good Governance Institute ‘Keeping the NHS Great’ .


As a result of our input, the Tunstall team improved their understanding of how local government and the NHS works and improved their business development strategies taking this knowledge into account. They also raised the company and senior executive profile and strengthened their relationships with key stakeholders. This contact and thought leadership has helped to influence the debate on how to transform the NHS and social care through introduction of technology enabled services

Other Clients:

Alison Rogan
Alison Rogan External Affairs Director at Tunstall Group
It has been a pleasure to work with Stephanie who has a unique understanding of our sector and the issues impacting upon health, housing and care. Her insight and advice has supported some key influencing work and made a real difference to the outcomes we wished to achieve.